RUPES BIGFOOT Green Medium Polishing Pad


Grootte: 40mm
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The RUPES BIGFOOT Polishing Pad Green Medium Polishing Pad  are special made for use on the RUPES BIGFOOT polishing machines and/or in combination with the new BIGFOOT polishes. The celstructure of this pad enhances the polishing capability of the used polish speeding up the polishing process. The green pad can be used as a light polishing pad that's strong enough to remove small defects and is still perfect to end with aswell.

  • Advised for: Medium and fine polishing, great for one step polishes!
  • Not advised for: Removing of heavy defects and deep scratches and using with liquid polishes.
  • Type pad: Medium

Pack amounts

  • Green pads 40mm: 1 Piece
  • Green pads 70mm: 1 Piece
  • Green pads 100mm: 1 Piece
  • Green pads 150mm: 1 Piece
  • Green pads 180mm: 1 Piece

How does the RUPES BIGFOOT coloursystem work?

Choose the blue or green polish and pad as the first stem in the polishing process. Choose the yellow or white polish and pad as the second step.

Blue = Hard polish, hard pad

Green = Medium polish, medium pad

Yellow = Fine polish, fine pad

White = Ultrafine polish, ultrafine pad

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