FLEX DWL 2500 10.8/18.0 Full Spectrum Led Light

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FLEX brings you a powerfully, bright, detail work light that will shine a new light on your detailing work. The FLEX DWL 2500 10.8/18.0 Full Spectrum Led Light is designed for checking paint surfaces, detecting flaws, determining color and finding holograms. The FLEX DWL 2500 is a commanding LED full spectrum light with a long runtime. Advanced technology equips the FLEX DWL 2500 with a Bluetooth app for lighting control, talk about being modern! The FLEX DWL 2500 has different lighting stages to allow for multiple lighting functions for different aspects of detailing. The body of the FLEX DWL 2500 itself is built for a long life of durability and convenience.

When detailing, you need a light to detect paint defects, holograms and other flaws. It’s important to find to a light that will literally light up your problems. Though a cellphone light is handy, it’s not the best light for these purposes. You need an authoritative light that works well finding flaws but is also easy to use. This is when the FLEX DWL 2500 10.8/18.0 Full Spectrum Led Light is best.

A light may seem like an inconsequential tool for detailing, but when you think about it, it’s one of the most needed tools to have in your arsenal. A light when detailing can shed a light, literally and figuratively, on your paints surface. With the FLEX DWL 2500 aimed at your paint’s surface, you are able to detect different flaws and examine your work. You can find defects and flaws such as, scratches, paint imperfections and holograms. Use the light once again to see if you have corrected these issues after you have finished detailing or while detailing. You can also use this light to determine paint color.

The FLEX DWL 2500 10.8/18.0 Full Spectrum Led Light is a powerful LED full-spectrum light with a 3,000 lumen. This light has the ability to control up to 4 lights and has 5 stages of brightness. This light also features a daylight function that allows color temperature settings in 5 stages between 2,500K to 6,500 K. This provides the perfect adjustment for the detailing process you are requiring. These different lighting aspects will help you when it comes to finding the different kinds of paint flaws, as well as, showing the detail correctly on different paint hues.

When it comes to technology, the FLEX DWL 2500 ups its game incorporating the ever-popular Bluetooth technology. Connect your light to your smartphone and have an easy to use app to control your lighting aspects. You already have your phone on you, might as well make using the FLEX DWL 2500 even more useful. With this app, you can control 4 levels of brightness (10% to 100%) and control color temperature in 5 steps (2,500 K to 6,500 K). Like other indoor lighting apps on the market, this light’s app can manage 4 named individual lamps, all from the one app. There is also a PIN code option is security is a factor, as well as, a battery status indictor. And of course, use the app to turn the light on and off. If it is more convenient for you, there are still switch regulators on the light itself.

The body work and battery power are a wonder on their own. Depending on the voltage and lumens used, the runtime of the FLEX DWL 2500 10.8/18.0 Full Spectrum Led Light can be up to 30 hours! That means if you wanted to, you could work a full 24 hours and still have enough light to keep charging through. This light can be run on a 12 volt or 18 volt and has the best performance ratio for each. It is also the only detailing light that can be used with both 12V and 18V batteries. The body of the light is tough, protecting the light in case of fall. The light is also made to be used with a tripod.

FLEX DWL 2500 10.8/18.0 Full Spectrum Led Light Product specifications:

  • Powerful LED full-spectrum light with max. 3000 lumen and extremely long runtime of up to 30 hours (300 lmn)
  • With Bluetooth app for lighting control for up to 4 lights and brightness setting in 5 stages
  • The all-daylight function allows colour temperature settings in 5 stages between 2500 K - 6500 K for accurate adjustment to the respective job requirements.
  • Ideal for checking the paint surface, determining colour and detecting paint flaws, holograms, scratches
  • Integrated power bank, USB port and charger for smartphones, tablets
  • Rugged and long-life for heavy-duty use
  • Connection thread for tripods
  • LED battery capacity display
  • FLEX battery system: suitable for all 10,8 V and 18,0 V battery packs. Delivery does not include battery and charger

FLEX DWL 2500 10.8/18.0 Full Spectrum Led Light Technical information:

  • Battery voltage 10,8 / 18 V 
  • Battery capacity 2,5 / 4,0 / 5,0 / 6,0 Ah 
  • Luminous flux 300 - 3000 lm
  • Colour temperature 2500 - 6500 CCT 
  • Colour reproduction index RA ≥ 96 CRI 
  • International Protection (without battery) IP 67
  • International Protection (with battery) IP 20 
  • Size ( W x L x H) 240 x 230 x 104 mm 
  • Weight without battery 1,863 kg

How is the FLEX DWL 2500 10.8/18.0 Full Spectrum Led Light delivered?

  • 1x FLEX DWL 2500 10.8/18.0 Full Spectrum Led Light (SKU: 486728)
  • No battery or charger!

How is the FLEX DWL 2500 10.8/18.0 Full Spectrum Led Light SET delivered?

  • 1x FLEX DWL 2500 10.8/18.0 Full Spectrum Led Light (SKU: 486728)
  • No battery or charger!
  • 1x FLEX DXL 2500 Magnetic holder (SKU: 491195)

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