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The FLEX Rapid Chargers can be used to charge the 10.8V and 18.0V batteries of FLEX Power Tools. This charger can also charge batteries from other brands if they fit in the socket.

The CA 10.8V rapid charger (SKU: 418021)

The CA 10.8V charger can only be used to charge the 10.8V batteries and has a very standard display where you can see when the battery is fully charged.
For charging 10.8 V battery packs. With LED charge status display, hanging option, high energy transmission and low energy consumption. Charging time approx. 40 min for 2.5 Ah batteries, approx. 55 min for 4.0 Ah and approx. 85 min for 6.0 Ah.

The CA 10.8/18.0V charger (SKU: 417882)

The CA 10.8 / 18.0V charger can be used for both 10.8V and 18.0V batteries. This also has a more extensive display, so you can also see how long the battery must be in the charger before it is recharged.

For charging 10.8 and 18.0 V battery packs. With large LCD display for battery diagnosis and charging status. Charging time 10.8 V: approx. 40 min for batteries of 2.5 Ah / 4.0 Ah and approx. 55 min for 6.0 Ah. Charging time 18 V: approx. 40 min for 2.5 Ah and approx. 45 min for 5.0 Ah. Thanks to a special loading procedure, 80% of the loading capacity is reached within approx. 30 min. With integrated battery pack cooling, overheating, discharge and overload protection.

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